I am new to Neothink and the writings of Mark Hamilton

Although I am new to Neothink and the writings of Mark Hamilton I am very happy to write my testimonial in support.  When the opportunity came to join Neothink for my partner there was no hesitation in my mind and I was glad to pay the joining fee for her even though money was an extreme issue at the time.  The teachings of Neothink have already made a change in my life and my ability to use my thought processes though the teachings of Integrated Thinking contained in the book.  I feel myself slowly beginning to change and I am starting to overcome the different challenges that have plagued me so far in my life.  I feel the love and compassion contained in the writings of Mark Hamilton for myself and all of us as well and it is important that ordinary people like you and me have the opportunity to create a force for good to ensure that everyone will prosper as we all should.  We have a basic right and need to work together to create ourselves a prosperous civilization that we and our children will be able to live in joyously.  I feel that with the Twelve Visions Party that Mark Hamilton intends to start that we the people will have the most needed opportunity that politicians cannot and will not ever deliver.  I am happy to give my time as I am able to help with other people create this deserved bright future for us all.
With Regards

Graeme Y.
New Zealand

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