I am in fear, Mark Hamilton

Dear Mr Hamilton,

I hope in fact that you are the recipient of this email. I am worried as well. Greatly.

Some time back, I was given the chance to purchase some literature. I am so glad I did. Although I am still having trouble viewing all of the meetings due to lack of internet at work and a busy schedule with criminal justice studies….. I am all about Neothink!

I am in fear.  Mr. Hamilton, sir, you are bounds above me on knowledge within our Society. First, I am grateful for your efforts. Very grateful.  And second.., I want to play a more important role within our Society, because like you said, our livelihood depends on “us”. I am in fear that if there are not more people with the drive and determination such as what you and I have, we will not succeed. I pray that you will keep me in mind for any objectives that come up for our survival. Many things I have learned from you and Mark Hamilton. Many. And the only way that I will repay those gifts is by sheer  effort and loyalty to the cause. Our cause. Again, you are so far up the chain of command, I am not sure if you have anything to offer on that level. I am currently trying to find the North Carolina chapter because I must become a greater strength to our Society and perhaps through them, I will be afforded the opp. to get results for us in the most positive way. NEOTHINK MUST SURVIVE…FOR THE BENEFIT OF EVERY PERSON….AND NEOTHINK WILL. I am seeking advice for future efforts, as well as letting you know…that my testimonial is on the way. And I am VERY thankful to be a part of our Society and I simply want you to know that I am here for your calling.
Thank you Mr. Hamilton.
Lennie S.

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