I am grateful that I have read and know the truth…

Hello my name is Evelyn M. M., I a writing to let the whole world know that I have found something that we all should be involved in.

Its called Neothink. I have learned so much about all that is going on around me. Mark Hamilton is a man I respect and that voted for president. Yes I had to write him in, but as you can see as time has gone by with our new president, I am convinced Mr. Hamilton would have been a better choice. He has such a love for the people and really does care about you and me. I have found in reading his material that without Neothink and Jesus, we will always live the way we are now and the government will rule you. You don’t anyone to rule you. I am grateful that I have read and know the truth. I searched for the truth for such along time and was about to believe that all was for nothing. Until I read Neothink and learned from Mark Hamilton, I now know that this is not what life is suppose to be. We made perfectly and were never suppose to live the way people have for centuries. All mankind were made to be treated with love and compassion. Do you see this in the world we live in. Well I don’t and haven’t ever. I hope you will read with compassion and listen so we can have the lives we were suppose to live.
Thank you
Evelyn M.

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