I am glad someone thinks similar way I do

Hi Mark Hamilton, I am glad someone thinks similar way I do. Your Prime Law etc. are the best, except one thing I need from you to explain:

How do you ensure that the Prime law will be abided?

Please answer. I need your answer to follow you. Thanks.

You know, many states have excellent constitutions already, but the problem is the constitutions are not abided, practiced, prosecuted or whatever. The lower laws are usually at least partially abided and practiced, but the constitutions almost never. They are just pieces of paper. We had freedom of speech in our constitution during communist totalitarian regime with STB killing people for articulating their thoughts. Today it is not much better, and even USA started to ignore their constitution even more rapidly. China is called democratic except it is not democratic at all. Many most sadistic and oppressing states call themselves democratic, for people etc. and have constitutions that if followed, the paradise would emerge.


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