I am eternally grateful


For some reason I sensed that there was more to Neothink then met the eye when it caught my attention.

It has been a journey through guilt and happines.  I was carrying an awful load of “sin” .  I had aborted a child myself when the father did not want to marry me 30 years ago.  I never had any guilt about it until I started coming out of my animal-only phase.  Then it started weighing on me more and more.  When I read about coming out of the bicameral phase, I realized that I had done it by instinct.  It seemed like I just knew what to do.
All the guilt fell away.  This would be amazing enough if it were not for the additional insights.

I just finished radiation therapy for lymphoma.  Yes, I am behind in Neothink but still alive, and the signals are looking good.  I got several flashes of how parts of my body were working and would ask the doctor’s what about this, what about that, after researching on our friend Google.com.  My higher mind was sending me the answers, and I was ‘listening’.

Is there a limit to the amount someone would pay to be alive and guiltless?
I doubt it…

I am eternally grateful.

Thank you so much,

Rosemary A.

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