I am discovering my own uniqueness…

Dear Mark:

First of all I would like to thank you for all of your life-long work, dedication and honesty. I feel honored to have been one of the “chosen ones” who have come together through Neothink and Neothink. I have been preparing for this for a lifetime.

“Why?” has been my question about everything, including God.  It has been the question that has driven me to find answers from all walks of life which includes the study of Eastern and Western philosophy, religion and law.  Throughout this quest I have learned the valuable lesson of discernment, I do not absentmindedly accept something as Truth unless I can feel or agree with it myself.  Because I have taken the time to search for so long, I can absolutely say that your timing was perfect.  I purchased your “The Book” Vol I and II in 1999 and did not read them! But I knew the timing would come at the right time, now I will read them also.  Nouveau validated many of my spoken and unspoken thoughts.  It took me a long, long time searching for Truth and a validation of my own beliefs.

You have simplified for the individual the purpose and solution to BECOMING with the meaning for PURPOSE and the SOLUTIONS to accomplishing those dreams and goals through the unity of oneness, one by one.  You have given the TOOLS of believing in oneself and their own uniqueness. Neothink opened the opportunity to apply it in a very dynamic way, MARKETING honestly.

I am discovering my own uniqueness and my goal has always been to help mankind in a very specific way.  I have served in many capacities but I knew there was more. I became an Ordained Minister, taught Metaphysics, studied under the Ascended Masters since the early ‘70s, Shamanism, New Age movements, Buddhism (which is saying the same thing as God-man only
from a different perspective); that God doesn’t start with a capital “G” because you are a universe by itself, you are God (if it needs a name) and that our greatness lies within. Jesus was a very high cosmic being that came in to help elevate the consciousness of mankind at that time, it was the second evolution of consciousness, we are now at the third and final wave to higher awareness.  Neothink will help mankind to BECOME WHO HE ALREADY IS! No we don’t have to look up, outside of ourselves or ask anyone else.  Neothink is the structure of that learning to accept that valued truth. Yes we are all one connected to a growing, expanding galaxy,our planet will be alive and well when it’s all said and done, because of this grid of light workers who have joined together to make this happen. We are the Neothink workers. We are the children of the light, integrated, whole and very powerful.

Neothink has taken the fear of that power within us and activated our DNA.  The truth about yourself and who you are can be much feared and scary to some.  Those who came up from the dogmas; ‘isms and “ologies are (were) afraid to think for themselves outside of the “box”.  Neothink is FREEDOM no matter where or who you are, me included.

I have studied ancient history, civilizations from the beginning Root Races that evolved through time; constellations and calendars, missing books of the Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky Vol I and II, Book of the Dead (Egyptian) rituals and rites, and many more.  As the old saying goes, know your enemy or at least know truth from both sides so you can recognize the truth.  If you believe everything you hear, read or see on TV how can you even have a viewpoint (one-pointed) if you don’t find out, Neothink has helped bring many intelligent people into the arena all in one place, what a wonderful group!

I learned early in life that when something good was about to happen that an opposing force would try to thwart the outcome. Only the strong survive would be a good motto.  If you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible.  I taught my children there was no such word in the dictionary as “can’t”, which of course their teachers didn’t like.

When Mark Hamilton – Nouveau contacted me and I accepted I did not do this half-heartedly, I weighed it very carefully and listened to my higher self.  It was not because of fame or fortune that I joined Neothink, it was because it was an opportunity to help mankind in a way that I truly believed in.  Since I’m still new Level 3, working on Level 4 and haven’t had a lot of time to really study and participate much yet on the website because of illness, 5 trips from TX to CO because of Mother and moving 3Xs physically, furniture and “stuff” of course, this last relocation has taken more time than I anticipated.  I bought house and hope not to move again for a long time, weather permitting!  But I have started my profile to some degree, haven’t figured out the A-team part yet, would like to though.  Now that my computer is finally working again  I’m still thinking about “what to do at this point” for the “rest of the story”.  I do believe that I’ve been honed for almost 2 years now as my whole life has changed, starting with learning the website building technology, still a newbie but not as naïve and have become an Affilitate marketer, almost.  When I was first contacted by Nouveau-Neothink I had just finished and got Certified in Redirecting Children’s Behavior, now a Parent Educator.  The third Nouveau Volume did it for me even though I had already been working with the parents/children before reading Miss Annabelle’s Story.  I do believe in synchronization including the building of my own website re: ChildParentRedirection.com and had come to a stopping point, now I know.

Mankind’s’ future is not as dismal as others would like us to believe because we have the power, knowledge, compassion and desire to bring in Peace, Joy, Opportunity and Happiness for all. Joined as a group we will be guided by helping each other.  I believe in the cosmic laws of the universe that effect us all, like it or not and the “The Law of Attraction”; cause and effect, call it what you want we can co-create because WE independently are in the process of BECOMING because we are all universes, individually. We are the past, present and FUTURE.

How many have openly said “If I had the money, I would…” that’s your universal God-Man true essence coming out because usually it’s just a wish, now it’s our reality thanks to Mark Hamilton and all who have guided and helped him also, to become our Mentor along the Path.

I am truly committed to this cause, group and Neothink and to you Mark, for making this all happen.  Even though I’m still new, my little 10 minute miracles happen all the time and the Mini-Days was so needed in my life, even if can’t put it all on one appointment book, I decided to make 5 manila file folders: Calls, Writing, Operations (w/sub-titles), Appointments, Finance(still working on that one).  They’re all so thick I didn’t know where to begin, so thanks Mark for your expertise, I need time management for sure.

I look forward to meeting and working with all of you and I genuinely think I’m where I BELONG!  That’s a first for me.

Love & Light,
Laurel Ann B.

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