I am continually excited about my daily journey with Neothink

I think back to when I received my first mailing from Neothink.  I was at a point in my life where I was very unhappy in my profession and using eating and alcohol to cope with my stress.  The words on the few pieces of paper gave me hope; hope that there was something different and better out there.  I have now been on my fantastic journey for just over a year now and I cannot express in words how my life has changed.  Am I a rich person today?  No, not monetarily but rich in values.  Am I in a better position professionally today?  No, but my mind is focused off the negatives and looking forward.  Am I a better person today?  The answer is simply yes in many ways.   The desire for alcohol has vanished from my life.  I am sixty pounds lighter and at 54 years of age, I am very fit.  I no longer look for someone to take the problems and pressures of life off of me.  Now I realize that honesty with yourself and integrated thinking puts you in control of every situation.  All my life I have been looking for something, but I never new what it was.  The dollar sign was my focus for years, but I never could achieve the riches that I sought.  I always let the negatives take control and destroy my dream.  Through the teachings of Neothink, the dollar sign has been replaced with a set of values and I am now receiving the richness I sought.  I am confident the financial rewards will follow.  I have seen and done my things in my life and write these feelings as a very pragmatic person. I know where my place is on this planet we call Earth and I am continually excited about my daily journey with Neothink.    Mark, I would like to personally thank you for this.

Ross M.

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