I am a Neothink member

My name is Bertice H. I am a Neothink member. I must share with the world the priceless value I receive being a Neothink member. Now it is a challenge for me to even put my feelings into words Only because my feelings and love goes beyond words for my mentor Mark Hamilton and my Neothink family. I must tell you before I joined the Neothink Society I was at my wits end sinking deep into a hopeless depression I have always felt I was here on this planet to do great things on a global scale I knew that inside I was something yet to be revealed I knew I held a might that has been waiting to be unleashed and a love that was pure in its essence which is the power source to all things. But these things I knew and what depressed me was others where not like me and when I say that I mean I always knew there was something more to life than what was presented before me it was always something missing in my life and the world as I knew it at that time  seemed to be unfit for my kind and when I say my kind I mean pure love universal balance lite and honesty. Now even down to my immediate family I have always been a outcast they label me as weird  different not like them and this is what my  siblings say and yes I agree with them I am different I see things deeper and understand things differently than they do they share the same eyes of the AC. Now it was one day after losing everything I mean I was at rock bottom mentally, physically, and emotionally .One day I received a letter from Mark Hamilton and this was it that something more came to me it was a powerful confirmation of what I have felt and known all along! I could barely read the first paragraph in the letter. I dropped it to try and contain my self I felt a feeling I can’t explain it can only be felt I’ve never experienced any thing like  the words touched a dormant side of me the inner real me and I knew this was it! I have long for year to have three great things in my life and the first was truth self fulfillment, love, and money. I have received two of these great things in my life through being a member. I have a gap ping broad sense of what is. Who I am and where I am  going I have a love unlike any for my fellow members my mentor as if they were my children. So let me dedicate this poem to my mentor and my Neothink Family. Listen I got a message and I’m stress it: I come blessed with the words from the source of my essence: 12 strands activated DNA plan: Spiraling: figure eight: I love what my eyes radiate; but do not negate the fact that the coming is here thee angels are back: Let the trumpets sound as we call order to this earth dismantle evil disperse: Neothink come forth for the rebirth; I am authorized authentic to speak these words; qualified: I have been universally I identified: The Hopkins s crest:  I am the Phoinix who has risen awoke on this divine quest; see like no other let be the first of my discover as we unite with the universal other: together we hold power like no other: Let our love shower the for corners of the earth and beyond: invaluable measures of a human beings transformation into a Zon.

I love you all and say that with all honesty. People who attack people like us expose themselves for what they are as you will soon see there are people out there who are master manipulators and deceiver.  The twelve visions party will help put end to the parasitical elites who takes unearned power by manipulation and deceit of the masses and the prime law from Mark Hamilton’s prime literature will free society from the burdens of these elites. It is a critical and urgent time because the cries have gone up and second to second lives are lost we the Neothink Society the Twelve Visions Party are needed to right en the wrong. Our children must live in the world as well we must as parents as human beings with love must set the best examples and morals for our kids and there generations to come. with all love and honesty I will with all that am command a honest world so that my children and there children and so on  may have a chance to live a prosperous life a life  without  deceit corruption etc. we stand for self leadership, prosperity, love, honest and freedom! Attack this and like I said before be exposed for who you are!

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