I am a Neothink member

Good evening Ladies and Gendelmen I like to thank you for attending to this meetting with us tonight my name is Vasilios and i am a Neothink member . I became a member after iconviece my self that what i was about to do it was something that i was looking for and come to thinking of it , it was what i allways waited for.When i received the letter and the orientation booklet from neo tech ,ithouth that it was junk mail and iwanted to descart it, but from couriocity ikeepit  and read it ,there it was something defrent, it seemed to me like iwas waited for ,and i desided to follow up. Here iam today ,i am very gland for what i did ,everything make sense to me. NEW THINKING NEW WAY OF LIFE ,one year of journey it leads to journey of life with happiness for you and your families .We all lookingfor something better in our lives something better for us and for our childrens lives,for better health , for wealth ,for happiness .Now we are getting the apportonity ,the chance and the way to do it. i am very gland that i am a member now because i can see thinks defrent and i can do something for a better tomorow , and so you do too. i am very sure that you would like to built better futture for your children ,Do you ? thats why you are here today . Do you like to be Happy Healthy and Wealthy? Of course you do . thats why you are here today , because you deserve a lot , yes you deserve more . thats why youare here today ,because you want to be an Neothink Member : to get from life everithing you deserve , and you deserve aLOT . You will expiriense Happiness and self asteam , you will be sure for your self and for what you do .this membership is going to chance your life for Good . For Ever . You will make new frends as idid ,all of us we are going to be a big family , and from what i understant we all looking for the samething : For abetter life : Health Wealth and Happiness. You will be the person you meant to be , to be succesfull to be happy . We all worked very Hard in our lives and now we all deserve BETTER DAYS .Get what others never got from life ,expiriense self asteam and power.THANK YOU.     V. R.

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