I am a bit late to the fray in the political sense

I am a bit late to the fray in the political sense; but the issues facing our country requires careful analysis.  And realizing that the political system is broken here in this country.  I am forced to the conclusion that our two party system is beyond repair.  With the only hope is in someone who understands; beyond the talking points and the posturing that is occurring under guise of today’s leadership.

For Mark Hamilton is that clear-eyed leader with a message of hope to include all; he will get this country back to its greatness.  His secret is making the individual sovereign and self-contained to rule of law and not of man; connecting us all as one!

So I am quite grateful for Mark Hamilton as result.  And his Neothink insights of securing internal happiness in the ability to be a fully productive human being. Showing us all the way out of this political/social/economical self-induced mess that we all find ourselves.

Expressed in his Idealism at its highest practical result; beneficial to all by the one remaining strong!


Robert D.

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