How To Discern The Truth

If you are frustrated and don’t know who or what to believe in any given situation, or more specifically, about Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society, and the Twelve Visions Party, I would advise you to come and see for yourself because there is no better witness to discerning the truth about anything or anyone, than a personal witness.
One does not really know truth from illusion until one witnesses (with their own ears and eyes) for ones self.
Most people believe anything and whatever others say without finding out for themselves. But you don’t know until you have a witness for yourself.
To you skeptical Christians who’ve been taught, without personal witness, but taught by presumption I might add, that Mark Hamilton is the antichrist and that Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party are the Devil’s Club, and conclude that nothing good can come from them, there is a story in the New Testament found in John 1:43-46 when Jesus called Philip and Nathanael. Philip’s response to Nathanael’s skepticism about Jesus saying that nothing good can come from Nazareth, was for him to come and see for himself. I advise the same.
Otherwise, you will never know for yourself. A personal witness is more convincing than a good name. To believe others with a good name without a personal witness can leave your mind open to be deceived, as it has been by outsiders of our Club who simply do not know what they’re talking about.
Those who don’t know the truth about the good and supercivilized character of Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party because they don’t have a personal witness, and who don’t know Mark Hamilton personally, I might add.
To you skeptical Christians who I’ve witnessed calling Mark Hamilton the devil, I want to humbly remind you that in your Bible that God refers to humanity as “sheep”. If you will do a study on the Hebraic and Aramaic meaning of the word “sheep”, you will discover a clue to why the writers of the Bible refer to people as “sheep”.
It means “stupid” and “weak-minded” because people can be talked into what they don’t want, and talked out of what they do want. For example, Adam and Eve being talked out of fellowship with God for sin by the devil.
Your Bible and your God says that it is “stupid” and “weak minded” for you to believe what others have to say without first finding out for yourself, i.e. getting a personal witness. It is better to find out for yourself than to listen to others.
I invite you to find out all you can about Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party for yourself and see the results for yourself and you will see what I and countless other witnesses have, that Mark Hamilton has better character and is more like Jesus than most Christians because he is civilized and moral.
For example, some Christian Churches are divided over racism and adultery. To walk in there to worship God on the weekend will get you kicked out because the people in their Churches want to fight newcomers. The people that the Church rejects, in disobedience to Scripture I might add, are being helped by Mark Hamilton, Neothink, and the Twelve Visions Party because they have a supercivilized character in comparison to most Christian leaders. Their value for all conscious life superpasses the standards of modern day Christians. The Twelve Visions that Mark Hamilton created are answers to the problems plaguing your local Churches. They speak mouthfuls about his character and speak for themselves. I invite you to see for yourself.
For example, the Prime Law, which forbids initiatory force, that Mark Hamilton, Neothink, and the Twelve Visions Party are attempting to pass in Washington, teaches to respect people’s individuality. This is better than fighting in Church over personal problems and racism.
That is just one of the problems that the Prime Law will correct because it forbids people from initiating force and from retaliating to the initiatory force due to the personal problems and racism in their circles.
Christian Churches teach about love. However, they abuse their freedom by initiating force on the innocent in the anticivilization. The Prime Law will correct these problems by forbidding initiatory force.
Thus, Mark Hamilton, Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party are more civlized and moral than the leaders in the anticivilization, or, the pillars of politics and religion that control the current world-system.
So don’t be like a dumb sheep and listen to what others say about Mark Hamilton, Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party. Get a personal witness. My assessment of Mark Hamilton’s character is that he is civilized, moral and unbiased and worthy of helping us all. But don’t take my word for it. Come and see for yourself because that is how to discern the truth.

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