How I came to understand Neothink

How I came to understand Neothink.  Where to begin?  The best way for me to explain my journey with Neothink is by telling you my story:

I work in an aerospace company the name of the company I will leave out.  At this particular time in my life I was in my late forties, and about once a week I would go over to another one of the buildings in the plant to use an ATM machine there and get enough money for my lunches.  On a particular day I happen to notice that most of the people using the ATM would leave their receipts in the round trash can next to the machine. It was like the ones most of us have next to a desk.  Being the curious individual I thought I would look at one of the receipts just out of curiosity.  I picked up the first receipt and notices that the guy had a balance of $34.00 dollars in his checking account. I said to myself he’s having a rough time.  I decided to look at another one; it had $137.00 balance in it.  I thought surely this must be a fluke because I always thought that most people had more money in their checking accounts than I did.  But on it went the low balances.  So then it dawned on me that most of the people were actually working and living pay check to pay check as the old saying goes.

What really bothered me about that experience is that I knew that most of these people were smart educated people and they had skills.  I began to pay closer attention to people when I walked through the plant.  What I began to see was that people were not happy.  Here these were educated people who walked around as though they were depressed.  I began to get the feeling that something was indeed wrong.

There is an old saying from India that says “when the student is ready the master will come.”  Well at this time in my life I was ready to better understand what was wrong with the world I was a part of.  In the past I had taken some psychology classes in college, and so I did have a little understanding of some of the theories of human behavior.  I had studied Irvine Pavlov, Abraham Maslow, B. F. Skinner Carl Rogers,  I did know that human behavior is not always easy to understand.  I knew that there are underlying reasons for the behavior of individuals.  But even so I felt that our society was sick.

One day I received a mailer from the Neothink Society, it talked about getting in touch with your child of the past.  I was intrigued I sent for their writings and received them in about two weeks later.  I began to read like I never read before.  The material was so interesting; it was as though my soul was just soaking up this new and powerful material.  The material was speaking a language that I instinctually understood even though I could not verbalize.

I would like to say, for me it was like in the movie The Matrix where Cipher tells Neo; “Fasten your Sit Belts Dorothy” because Kansas is about to go bye-bye.  The material for me was that powerful.  I learned so much new knowledge I did not even know existed.

I learned that consciousness came about as a tool for mankind to interpret reality.  And that it should not be used to create mystical realities. This was a real eye opener for me. Having now read almost all of the Neothink Society’s material I understand that we are here to create values for ourselves and society.  And we are happiest when we are doing just that.

Thanks to Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society, I now have a renewed faith that if enough people read the Neo-Think literature, life on planet Earth will be better for us all.

J.S. Mission Viejo Ca,

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