Honest identifications, begin with fundamental concepts

Honest identifications, begin with fundamental concepts – that identify a certain aspect of reality. Specialization happens when knowledge is detached from that grounding – example: imagine learning certain aspects of biology, such as the organs of the human body, bacteria, digestion etc, without a grounding in the fundamental concept of evolution. This is how biology is taught in many schools today. How can one understand biology, without grasping the over arching principle. Without the ability to integrate in this way, biology becomes a boring labeling game, akin to stamp collecting… where you end up having to memorize random identifications, with no concept of the fundamental foundation. Memorization does not equal understanding – integration does. The way biology is taught today, is analogous to how we disseminate knowledge as a whole: we have become over specialized. It is this specialization trap that politicians feed off.
Craig H.

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