Hi Mark Hamilton

Hi Mark Hamilton,
I want to express my deep appreciation for the value you have shown me to create in my own life.  I have discovered that every person is their own authority and are 100% responsible for their own actions.  Now, I look at the world in a totally new light. From this new perspective, I create my own life and help create values for other people, which is allows me to become the person I was meant to be a “value creator”.  Moving from thinking that someone or something owes me something in this life. Every person creates their own reality, which is influenced by circumstances around them.
Thank you for taking off the blinders and opening a whole new world to me through Neothink. You have changed my life forever, allowing me to know that we have unlimited potential, and can create anything we direct own conscious minds towards.
I am now a value creator the person I was meant to be to help bring wealth, health, and happiness to the world.
Thank you for your honesty,
Trent N.

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