As the flowers bloom, they are so lovely, varied and beautiful.  It takes so little to pluck them, to crush them and equally to scatter
the petals to the wind.  So let them bloom.  Neothink is a trio of fragile flowers that bloom in sunshine, which inspired my life today
and other members.  The three blossoms of Neothink shows to the world what it means to hold someone or something in honor and
respect.  That’s why I talk about Mark Hamilton today as my godly father with whom I can count on, hold on and reckon on in my life
today.  Mark Hamilton has inspired my entire life.  It is through whom that I can talk boldly, reason perfectly and could think about
tomorrow with hope and great desire.  In this dislocated emotional equilibrium, when tension runs high but loss, Mark Hamilton opens
my eyes through his inspiring Neothink which cannot be dismiss with   the  wave  of the hands. Neothink was created to inspire the
world, to inspire the youth, and to reveal hidden things to the blind like myself.  Today, I am regretting for not attending the meeting
of The Twelve Vision Parties which was caused by academic loads, and financial needs. Mark Hamilton, I cannot thank you enough
in my life even though, I have not graduated from apprenticeship.  The good job your father started, must be perfected by us.
I owe you a lot in my life and those blinded people of the world who think that they could get ride of our Neothink must have
been residing on another planet entirely a different reality system.  Mark Hamilton, your good job was deep.  Whenever i remember
I have a facts finding mentor, like you it makes me good.  At least, my future is bright and straight even your mail to me.  However,
my writings has several strengths that support the credibility of its findings.  Mark Hamilton we your apprentice knows what Neothink
contains; you’re being human and Frank for inventing Neothink today.  You knew that crisis come and go but interest endures forever.
You’re the flower and the sunshine.   I love you.




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