Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton

Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,
     Thank you so much for inviting me to your new web site from where I can learn and enjoy.
     I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the way you communicated with wisdom and love to us during our TVPCA charter celebration last Sunday, March 21,  2010. My wife and the friends that I took with me  were very pleased with the way you talked us as our leader. They are currently spreading the news about the Twelve Visions Party every where they go.
     Mark, even though I have read many of your literature nevertheless, last Sunday was the first time I heard you talking by phone and I was actually excited to have heard your voice on that pleasant day. I then immediately noticed that in your  interaction with us, you communicated wisely, responsibly, and authentically.
I also noticed that your usage of positive, affirming words to express your ideas and complements have enabled you to be a force for good in the world, a powerful leader in every activity and in all arenas of life.
     In every word you spoke by phone that Sunday evening, you transmitted powerful feelings and ideas that uplifted the person with whom you were talking and those that were around that person. Mr. Hamilton, I personally admire the effective way you interact thoughtfully through every medium.
     Authentic communication builds trust and understanding. Mark, your words have a positive impact on your leadership as you communicate with wisdom and love in every way.
     We are happy to have you as our leader and we are proud of you Mark. When you will emerge with the Twelve Visions Party to make every American healthy and wealthy, by introducing a moral and just government of production only, America will be glad to have you as the leader that can replace career politicians.
     Once again, I am thanking you very much for your leadership and LONG LIVE THE TVP.
     Yours sincerely,


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