Hello Mark Hamilton

Hello Mark Hamilton,   I would love to help you because I am that type of person you’ve been preaching about all these years in the story of Miss Annabelle and her curious students! All I ever wanted to do was save us all from the evil and death in this world. Then you pulled me into your organization and convinced me that you were also gonna help us all live the way we were meant to, with all the wealth we would ever need, and then live forever!!! So I guess, now, you’re afraid of what might happen to you if we’re no longer with you and what we may be planning against you! Am I Close? You really should have helped me without always wanting my money, especially when I had trouble finding my Friday Night Essence!! But that’s OK, I’m not gonna bring you down, literally or in your heart’s dreams! What you said about the civilization of the universe and what will keep it going, I already knew to be true! Love is my catalyst, and always will be, and no evil will ever survive what is to come!!!  I Thank You for making me Think in a new way and may all your new friends and students see the big puzzle you are trying to create for us all because I’m with you all the way even though I became disabled and now nearly homeless, I know it won’t be long before we are saved and need not worry anymore!!! Good Luck, Mark Hamilton, and Be Well my Friend of The Universe….

Ron M.                                                                                                                                         

And if you need to you may edit my comments to better serve you on the web, sometimes I get depressed and don’t think right before I speak and you are better at writing than me!!! Take Care!!!

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