Hello Mark Hamilton

Hello Mark Hamilton,

My name is Dror Segall and I am a currently a student under your mentorship and I feel very fortunate to have been invited to be included in the Neothink Society.  Having said this, I must admit that I am torn between “super happiness and excitement” and “feeling like a sucker” because I believed, because I dared to hope that a society of truly good people (with lots of $ and power) recognized that I was one of the good guys with intelligence, bravery, and a strong desire to help my fellow man while helping myself and truly enjoying this wonderful life that I have.

To keep everything in its proper context—I am a newbee and I know that I’m suppose to learn the answers to many of my questions at the third webinar meeting. But, you are asking me for a testimonial and I have nothing to really testify.  Since you wrote in your email that you read the testimonials that are sent to this address, I see this as an opportunity to express my true feelings about this whole secret society business.

Why I am sceptical–

When one is approached by any form of marketer, one asks ones self  ”Is this for real or just some trying to get into my wallet?”.  And then it begins— the search for inconsistacies and lies.  Trying to detect whether someone is selling snake oil or real medicine.

    In the first letter I was instructed to tell no one of this society. This makes sense to me.  Now I’m supposed to be part of an effort to get the word out to everyone.  Now suddenly I’m not special, now I begin to question whether I have phenomenal hidden traits or if everyone has them and I’m just the sucker that responded to the letter.
    The letters read like a squeeze page with a hook, bullet points describing the benefits, lots of promises of a better life, and of course the “opt-in now” at the end.
    Too good to be true.  The things that are being claimed in those letters like seeing the future, making tons of $ at will, making people like or love me, eat what you want and not gain weight, and living forever.  When hearing claims like this, one can not help but start looking for the slick ways that the claim deliverer (you) is going to talk their way out of it.  For example, by being in the Neothink Society I should be able to square my current income $30k per year. This is $900,000,000 over my lifetime.  But if my life is unending $1per year would make this true.
    On the first page of the free booklet it is written that this society is bigger then any generation and has no founder.  On the first page of the Neothink manuscript it says that Mark Hamilton is the founder of the Neothink society.  This is not inconsistent, but it is troubling.  Where does the separation occur?
    How could anyone think that I have Nobel prize winning intelligence or hidden traits from any kind of profile?
    How can anyone know that 12 ”great things” are going to happen to me over the next month? or whatever.
    To get answers to my questions, I have to join a mastermind website for $30 per month.  What’s up with that?
    Recommending that I join yet another secret society (the GIN).  You gotta be kidding me.  When I got that email, I was so disappointed I had to hit the spam button.
    Clubhouse membership $50 per month.  I thought this was a society of multi-millionaires.  Why do you need to nickel and dime me to death?

I could go on but I think that you get the point.

Why I am a believer—-

    My life has had so many unbelievable thing happen to me that I tell people that ” things that happen to me are so outrageous they only happen in the movies”.  This makes it possible for me to believe many things that others don’t.
    The information in the manuscript is good, solid, well-thought-out, and insightful information.  I have paid more for less and I do not feel ripped-off in any way.
    When I sent all your emails to spam, I started feeling an emptiness like something was missing and that I was missing out on something big. So I unspammed you.
    When I was 40 years old (I’m 45) I saw undeniable evidence that there was a secret society at work in Baltimore Maryland. I hope and pray that the people that I made contact with were members of the Neothink Society.  I was having a manic episode at the time and my family thought it was a good idea to call the police and have me put in a mental hospital.  This set my life back at least 5 years.  And when I tell family members that there is a society of multi-millionaires out there that wants me to be one of them and they are going to teach me the ways and that they are very fortunate to be in my family.  They look at me like I am nuts (or just full of B.S.) and don’t believe a word.  It would be so sweet to prove to them that I am not nuts. So I hope against hope that this is for real, no matter what.

I think that you must realize by now that this is no testimonial. Maybe I’m just venting. However, a man with your intelligence should appreciate the value of honest feedback.

A wise man once said  “To the believer, no proof is necessary.  To the skeptic, no proof will ever be enough”

Best regards,

Dror S.

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