Hello, I would like to start by saying that without Mark Hamilton and the …

Hello, I would like to start by saying that without Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society I would be lost.

With so many illusions and so much deception in this world the Neothink Society is a beacon of light full of honesty.

Before receiving the literature from the Neothink Society I was feeling very low about my life and situation, and I smoked half a pack of cigarettes a day.

I have a degree in the automotive industry and I am only able to obtain entry level positions for work in my field that anyone off the streets could get.

Talk about discouraging, I was at the point of contemplating suicide and realizing why people do commit suicide felling trapped with no way out.

I have always had a passion for music and never really took action until after I graduated college, I decided to release a CD and start a new career but had no idea where to start.

Then all of the sudden out of the blue I received a letter from the Neothink Society telling me about my hidden talents and inviting me to join their society. I was shocked.

To think I almost threw that letter away is crazy, but I almost did before I even opened it because of how I was feeling at the time and as I was over the trash with the letter in my hand my Mom said to read it.

So I did, one of the few times I listened to Mom, and to my surprise it was a letter pulling every string of my soul closer to the person I was meant to be!

After reading that letter, joining the society, and reading the Neothink Inside Secrets I have been on journey that I enjoy everyday, discovering the person I was meant to be, and I quit smoking cigarettes after 7 years.

I am now the owner of an independent record label, I have released a CD under its name and I am working on the next projects for my business and success.

It is a complete 360 degree difference from where I was in my life to where I am now all thanks to the Neothink Society and Mr. Mark Hamilton.

I wake up now felling excited about what is to come instead of dreading the day and not feeling like getting up at all. I would never kill myself!

The investment has already paid for itself twice, I am still in the red because of my college education that has NOT paid for itself yet.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you to the Neothink Society!

Have a wonderful Day!

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