Hello, I am a member of the Neothink Society

Hello, I am a member of the Neothink Society, I was fortunate enough to have received an invitation to own The Large Heirloom Package from Mark Hamilton.  The value of the information in these books far exceeds the price I paid, and I am continuously amazed at the depth of honest information that went into writing them.  As a member of the Neothink Society, I have access to many people who are dedicated to, and who are lovingly moving their friends, families, and communities forward into an honest self-leadership system and away from all stagnate authoritarian systems.  All of us are moving towards a goal of pure freedom, pure love and pure peace for everyone.  Mark Hamilton’s examples of self-capture, patience, determination, love, and his dedication to individual freedom, shows generosity at a level not understood by most people.  Mark Hamilton, crafted The Prime Law Amendment to free the smallest minority, me, from cumbersome flawed by ego man-made laws, rules, and regulations.  I have seen through his examples and writings the true value of unconditional love and personal responsibility at the individual level.  I learn more, let me say that again, I learn more everyday.

I am definitely happy with where I am at and where I am going in The Neothink Society and The Twelve Visions Party.  I have embraced The Prime Law which removes force, coercion, and fraud from all levels of interaction in all types of relationships. Force is wrong except when used for protection from force. I daily integrate The Prime Law into my life knowing that one by one we can introduce and implement a self-leadership system of “no-initiatory force” throughout all of society. The path I have chosen, is to work with the loving non-ruling class and to add values instead of following in the footsteps of the power hungry ruling class. The ruling class leaves so many victims living in poverty or near poverty and yet they live like royalty.  The ruling class takes values from about 88 percent of all of society’s value creators, and never gives anything back.  America came very close to eradicating the ruling class when they drafted and signed The Constitution.  America’s loving non-ruling class has the opportunity to eradicate the ruling class through The Prime Law Amendment of no initiatory force.  The ruling class will simply learn how to create values for society alongside the other 88 percent of earths inhabitants.  No war needs to be fought, no one needs to die.  The Twelve Visions Party Platform, “Make All The People Rich Including The Poor” will fall into place with ease when The Prime Law is introduced into The Constitution and their Protection Only Budget is signed.

I love to fly, the view in the sky is amazing with colorful landscapes, beautiful horizons, and clouds of all shapes, colors, and sizes.  Following Mark Hamilton’s self-leadership system, becoming a honest integrated Neothinker alongside others like me has given me the wings to fly free living life the way I was meant to live it.

Signed With Love and Gratitude,

Rhonda T.

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