Has Neothink changed my life?

Has Neothink changed my life?  Let me count the ways…
1)      Neothink gave me hope when I received their first letter…I was being hopelessly attacked by some government neo-cheaters and just reading the first letter let me know that there were other like minded folks out there that knew the truth about the government and their evil attacks on the people to rob them of assets and freedom.
2)      After reading the first book, I began applying the concepts I read about in my business to affect astounding changes in my life and the people around me…once I started behaving differently, they in turn also started to behave differently–all with very positive results.
3)      The 12-Visions gave me the courage to go forward with plans that definately are not what the government neo-cheaters adhere to, as it exposes the government agencies for the fraud that they are.
4)      NT saved the best for last, in my opinion, in the third great book.  Well over 1100 pages, was consumed by me like a hungry puppy.  I simply could not put it down and was really sorry it ended, it could have gone on and on and on and I would have continued to read it forever…
5)      That is when I realized that the continuation of the third and final book was now for NT members to continue…since now the members are being brought together in a wonderful way through meetings.
6)      NT gave me the following:
a)      A new zeal for life,
b)      A realization of how dear life is,
c)      A realization of how important each individual is,
d)      A realization of how each and every individual has a vital part to play if not stopped by neo-cheating government agencies,
e)      A realization that if the people realized a-d above, they would become valuable members of society and move forward to enrich this society if not cowed                 by the neo-cheating government agencies and regulations that are bilking the people of every penny they possibly can,
f)      A realization that as a group, we can and will conquer the neo-cheaters by our sheer numbers,
g)      A realization that everyone has a talent to give to the world and that NT has tools which can aid in revealing what each persons talents are even when the              person has no idea what his or her talents are,
h)      Tools that can help identify who the neo-cheaters are, so that a person can steer clear of them, and
i)      A realization that each person has value and NT has provided a guide on how to turn a person from an enslaved worker of society to a wealthy value                      producer.

I am today, value producer, and even though I am not as wealthy as I would like, I am well on my way to becoming much wealthier, all because I applied the tools given by the NT philosophy and I am definitely looking forward to the future of less government regulation and more power in the people.

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