“Golden Prime Law”

I am with the rest of the members, there is only one way to dictate the Law is put in force the One and Only “The Prime Law”, which is a fare law for all as it does not discriminate people and business and it stop politician become corrupted and instead they will serve the people and Country a full term with a clear mind to make sure all are happy, healthy, prosperous in life with guide to give all and individuals the opportunities to make life a better place for all to live. As I have mention in my testimonial that if all government around the world adopt our “Golden Prime Law”, we will have peace and harmony among nation and trust between people and nation as this will stop country from promoting violence against others that can not defend itself and property. Business wise will BOOM many many times as people are more happy and State or Federal government will have more money to fixed or serve the people like schools, hospital, factory, more staffs like teachers, nurses, policemen, Army,Navy, Airforce, to defend country, fireman, ambulance officers, churches, shops, library, that build state and people, without this type of service the country dies. There is only one way out is ” The Prime Laws”.
Ignatius .

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