Go TVP and the Prime Law!

The rule of man in the governing body will be removed by implementing the Prime Law into the Constitution for society to be free. In addition, the TVP is needed to accomplish that goal. The TVP will also make all the people rich which is primordial for us to make this world a better place to live. Reading the Neo-Tech Discovery is a must for us to move forward from the old mentality to a whole new way of using the mind called Neothink. Thank you very much Mark Hamilton since you had the guts to go up against the rule of man disease to bring us in to Civilization of the Universe. For us to live in that paradigm shift of a new mentality, the turn key is to read the books! Go TVP and the Prime Law! Thanks you Mark Hamilton you are my hero and none at the present can out compete you. That is the bottom line!
Mr. Blackholes

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