Frustration turned into Exhilaration!

Frustration turned into Exhilaration!

Most of us at some time or another go into a deep thought process, thinking of our wishes and dreams to a better way of life. Many of us fantasize about the good life we want. Many times visions come within our thoughts, it is like a movie is playing within our mind, this is a very relaxing state we would like to be in all of the time. But what happens? We wake up into reality, the world that we live in, the roller-coaster ride of constantly fighting through all the obstacles trying to survive, to make ends meet. The worried thoughts of how set in, because we know the fight will continue, because of all the constant price increases from all the dishonest people amongst us. Some thoughts many will have is to improve on a product that will make life easier for others, but again we wake up to reality thinking it will just be another fight that will be in front of us and then thinking it is not easy to help others when we can not help ourselves, so we are content to sit back and do nothing.

I have been a mind fighter most of my life, always thinking of ways to move around or over all the obstacles. Many times I will come out on top, but for only a moment, an hour, a day, because tomorrow the fight continues. This is the world we live in set up by the wrong doers. Most of the communication we have with each other is about the corruption going on, the cheating, stealing, the lying, how another person lost their home and everything was taken until there was no more to take.

I have always tried to communicate with my children giving them advice on how to fight through all the obstacles, but are they really listening? Most children today live with a cell phone in hand and sit in front of a computer. They communicate with each other sharing their little problems they are having. Everything is so negative in the World, trust hardly exists. I would ask my children and their friends, how can you sit in front of that thing all day without putting it to good use, and tell them get together with others on my space, face book, etc. and figure out a way to improve the world. Are they listening, of course not.

Everything started changing for me and my family

Last summer one afternoon I was sitting in my back yard, going into a deep thought process about my children, thinking about how can they ever have a chance to be out on their own and have a life of happiness. I knew my mind was strong enough to keep fighting through, but I had to figure out a way to make a better life for my family. I always try to think of good positive thoughts and live a life of honesty because I know within those thoughts good things will happen.

Shortly after that unparticular day, I received a first class letter in the mail, this letter invited me to discover Neothink® ( a new way of thinking) the letter stated I was going to learn from some of the most Powerful successful people on this planet and how to make all my visions become real so that I and my family could live the life we are meant to live and become the person we are meant to become.

Now that I have been introduced to Neothink, Exhilaration has taken over within my life. I wake up with a smile, and I am feeling good about each step I take forward. I am communicating with honest like-minded individuals sharing knowledge, discovering how our creative thinking and visions are becoming real. We are learning from some of the most Honest powerful successful people on earth.

With Neothink inside of me, I have turned my visions into teaching myself the computer ( I had no previous knowledge before). I have been able to build a website to help others discover the power of the mind. I have also posted several blogs. I encourage you to read them, you will discover The Gift we are all born with.

Neothink Essence


Dale Leo

I want to thank my mentor Mark Hamilton the greatest author of all time in our history, for his honesty and the honest truth which has helped mankind discover the secrets that have been kept from us, and for creating a world we can all be proud of.

Remember these words, they will be in your future soon:

The Twelve Visions Party

Where the World of Honesty Will Prevail!

The Prime Law

Live the prosperous and happy life we are meant to live


Your visions become real

With never ending happiness into eternity,

Dale L.

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