From Mark Hamilton’s literature…

I used to be very frustrated about so many things in life. I was confused and overwhelmed by all of the conflicting information floating around. I knew things just weren’t right. All of the “politically correct” and “socially correct” fads would come and go just to appease someone else current agenda. Plus, a dose of guilt would be laid on if one chose not to conform. Then several years ago, I was lucky enough to come across Mark Hamilton’s literature and the Neothink Society.

From Mark Hamilton’s literature, I learned how to think for myself again and have confidence in my own rational thinking. I didn’t learn his version of how things are; I learned to see for myself what is really going on.  By looking beyond what looks good on the surface, I can see most of the media hype is meant to get me to think a certain way.

I have always had the ability to be realistic, logical, and use my own common sense. I know what is right, but the media bombards us with conflicting information and conflicting societal rules that cloud every issue. As we grow up the increasing amount of conflicting information we receive creates so much confusion for our minds we unknowingly are forced to become just followers that quietly live our less-than-happy lives, pay our taxes, and pretend we are in control. This is how a small group of people (corrupt governments) keep control over a large group of people (the masses) for their own benefit.

Over the years, my mind has been bombarded with a lot of information that was just plain wrong. I have taken time to go through most of the junk I have learned. Keep in mind all the things that I learned over those 40 some odd years were from parents, friends, teachers, TV, the media, etc. etc. Most of these people probably never meant to teach me things that are wrong, most just didn’t know any better because they were taught these things too. But the reality is, most of the stuff I was taught is just a bunch of wrong unquestioned garbage.

Now I can sort through the stuff that doesn’t make sense and see what doesn’t really add-up. The more I looked at things, the more I began to see how this is a common practice, especially for the media, politics, and the courtroom. They use “truths” to paint a picture of whatever they want others to believe. The problem is: they only use some of the truths or facts, the ones that support what they want us to believe and they pass this off as the whole truth. This is quite evident in the courtroom when one is only allowed to answer the question presented and not really allowed to tell the whole story. So where is the justice with this method of reporting the news or questioning a witness or defendant? I can now see this way of delivering the truth and it is just plain wrong. This way often destroys people and lives.

As children we are taught a lot of wrong things from the beginning. I was fortunate enough to come across Mark Hamilton’s literature so I could change the way I was taught to perceive everything. I am now able to see the falsehoods and separate them from reality. Now I look for honesty in every situation and myself. Everyone knows what honesty means. I know that each person has that little voice inside of them and deep down each person knows exactly what is right and what is wrong, no matter what we are taught. This is where the stress, issues, confusion, conflict, and the burden of life comes from: knowing deep down inside yourself what is really right and wrong and being told and taught to act differently.

Now that I know how the world works I am at peace with myself. I would never trade all that I have learned from Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society. His literature has let me answer for myself all of the important questions I have had about love, life, freedom, happiness, and religion. The peace I feel within myself means more to me than anything!

I also understand how the world should work and how it will work if the masses of good people no longer allow a few corrupt people to rule us by force. I know how to determine who my enemies really are, who is trying to fool me, hurt me, or take from me. I am no longer afraid of the devil and I no longer have any confusion about God, Jesus, the Bible, or the multitude of different faiths. I understand why people are fighting and killing over political agendas and religions. I also know how the world can be changed so we can all live a peaceful and happy existence and be safe.

The success of the Twelve Visions Party will mean to me the starting of a happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous life for all of us. We will be able to work doing the things we love and feel real pride in ourselves again. We will be able to have quality time with our loved ones, and no longer be stressed by the need to work so hard just to survive. We will no longer have things to complain about so that will also free up time to live, love, and be happy. We will be able to enjoy more of the fun things in life with our loved ones and friends because we will not be handing over a large percentage of our hard-earned money to a corrupt system that only wants to pad their own existences at our expense.

All of the products, services, and entertainment that we want or need will be provided by competitive private sector businesses owned by regular people like you and me. In order to compete, businesses will have to provide quality products and services to stay in business because we will be able to choose and purchase the products and services that we want.  We will no longer be forced to contribute to things we don’t want. So if a company doesn’t provide quality at a competitive price they will lose business because anyone will be able to compete.

There will no longer be governmental favoritism, taxes, bogus fees, or a structure to make us pay for services we don’t want, need, or use. This alone will let everyone, even those who are poor now, live the life they could only dream of before. Without the government taking such a huge portion of our money, we will all be able to prosper. There will be plenty for all of us. No good person will get left behind, no matter what age or previous financial condition. The only ones who will be the losers are that small percentage of corrupt people that are presently living high-on-the-hog at our expense.  

This is reality now! A small group of corrupt and powerful sick people are controlling the masses of good people. It is time for us to realize that the masses of good people will live peacefully without being governed by these bad corrupt people. The bad corrupt people always tell us they are the good guys and they know what’s best for us. And we have naively believed them. They claim that bad people are amongst ourselves (the masses of good people) and they will protect us from them. Then they take protection money (taxes) from us. Sounds just like organized crime doesn’t it?

The good people live in all areas, from upscale communities, middle class areas, and ghettos, to the rough neighborhoods and the crime areas. The good people all desire to live happy, healthy, and prosperous lives just as I do. Even those who are currently drug dealers, gang members, and hoodlums are really part of the good people group because they would never have chosen the kind of life they are living right now if they really thought they had another choice other than just trying to survive in this screwed up world. We have all been hurt, but the people in the lower income and crime areas have been hurt the most. Those of us who have been lucky enough to grow up in better circumstances must understand that these people are not the bad people. They are just trying to survive the only way they know how.

Now, who are the “bad people” then, you might ask? The bad people are the powers-that-be, our government officials who force us to pay, give us no real value in return, and tell us they are there to help us. All the while, they’re fattening their own pocket, living the good life at the expense of the good people, and acting like they are our heroes. I can now see through the falsehoods they continue to spread trying to make us believe we must be socially correct and politically correct. I, for one, am tired of their hogwash.

I also know that the good people of the world, all want the same things. I want to have good people (and we are the good people) in charge of the world so we can have real World Peace. I not only want to feel safe, I want to be safe.  I want to no longer have the threat of terrorism and nuclear destruction looming over me. I want to have individual freedom and the happiness I deserve. I want to be able to be my own unique self, to have a wonderful mate, family and close friends that love me that I can always depend on. I want to have prosperity and be able to live the life of my dreams, to own my own nice home outright, to work at something I love to do, to contribute more than I take, and have time to spend with my loved ones too. I want to enjoy good health and have everyone else enjoy good health also.

If these are some of the things you want for yourself and your loved ones, please take the time to find out more about the  “Twelve Visions Party” and “The Prime Law” so we can have the world we deserve. We can have the world we deserve if we just quit believing the corrupt bad people. And we need to start it here in the United States of America, the land of the brave, so the rest of the good people in the rest of the world can follow suit and do the same in their corrupt countries. This is how we will accomplish world peace, by the masses of good people uniting together to unseat the few corrupt powers-that-be.

I am whole-heartedly supporting the Twelve Visions Party because I know it will bring about the necessary political reform we need here in our great country. I love My Country but I am very unhappy with the corrupt structure our government has become. I know we can eliminate the corruption and take back our great country so it can once again be based on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all as our Forefathers intended. It is time for me to stop and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It is my only hope for a better, happier, safer, and freer life for myself, my loved ones, and our future generations.

Please take the time to really find out what the Twelve Visions Party is all about and decide for yourself, as I have. Currently we have a two-party system that has been using the media to air their lies and paint a picture of the story they want us to believe. We have billions of pages of laws created to govern us with interpretation and force us to pay taxes. Most of our hard earned tax dollars are no longer working to benefit us, the good people. All of our futures are at stake. Those Americans who do not bother to look at all sides of this critically important issue, and just blindly follow and believe the media, will be sentencing all of us, our children, our grandchildren, and future generations to a country and a world that is continuing in the wrong direction. We will be doomed to increasing corruption and declining health, less and less happiness, lost prosperity, and fake freedom.

Three things I know for sure:

1.    If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Isn’t it time to do something different so we can get a different result?

2.    Almost all people are good and the goodness of people will prevail over all else. Isn’t it time to have faith and confidence in yourself and all the other good people in the world?

3.    The bad people will continue to use their most valuable technique to maintain their rule over us: Divide & Conquer. Do we want to continue letting them divide us with the two-party system, Democrats vs. Republicans? Especially when we keep getting a corrupt and powerful growing government that keeps us in a conquered state?

Please join me in supporting the new Twelve Visions Party and The Prime Law. We can bring our precious United States of America back to its former glory with life, liberty, happiness, and justice for all. It is our only hope for a better life. For more information, visit the Twelve Visions Party National Committee website at

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