For my dear friend and mentor; Mark Hamilton

For my dear friend and mentor; Mark Hamilton.

For the last five years I have been learning about honesty and love of everyone on this earth, the information and fortunate dealings with my mentor Mark has opened the secrets of this anti civilizations ,true agenda’s, lies, death, only caring about getting there unearned money and status from sitting on there ass, while honest working people all over the world ,are blind of how the parasitical elite’s , most governments, religions, TV. want you to be ,stupid, blind to what really is the nature of ones self.        The only thing one has to do is be honest with yourself, with everyone you meet, especially in business, this is my fifth testimonial to support my mentor and friend        Mark, and my family, Neo-thinkers and the T.V.P  Twelve Visions Party is here, I am so honored to be apart  of such a bold and amazing group to change this whole world , to let people change there lives forever, to help everyone live free of government parasites taking more than half of your hard earned money, and telling you how to live your life . if you are honest to yourself, you really do know what’s best for you.

Case and point, create something to help change the world, to move it forward instead of backwards, its been going on for 2300 years! Realize you really are someone who can make a difference , open your eyes for once in your life, if you want to learn about honesty, check out neo-think , and T.V.P and above all Mark Hamilton , who is teaching me everyday , how to be free!!!

With all my heart, sincerely Rick C.

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