For all I know without Mark Hamilton, this sleeper might not have awaken

My name is Nathon S., I am a GIN member and have also been exposed to Neothink. I have been in and out of the correctional facilities in California, and thing seemed to help me. Until I got involved in the GIN.I finally got realize that there is more than just me in this life, and taking from others is to hurt everyone.GIN helped me come to the conclusion that we are all spiritual beings and we are all connected, Neothink also helped me mentally, physically, and spiritually. I once had no integration in between my heart and spirit, I thought that my power came from preying on the weak. The only thing i was preying on was myself. My family was of no assistance because they themselves were incompetent.

I had felt like I was in a dark tunnel with no way out and no one to help. Gangbanging, shooting, robbery, parole all back over again like a psycho. Thank it be to Mark Hamilton I finally was able to find a direction and energy. To find a meaning in helping my neighbor. Now I live at peace with a great sense of pride so I can help others feel something greater. So I can have a value to my community and those around me. And hopefully, one day who I effect can effect can effect the world. Also to realize we are all beings trying to live together and have peace and harmony. And as Jesus said we are all Sister and Brothers. For all I know without Mark Hamilton, this sleeper might not have awaken . Thank it be to Neothink and the GIN also Mark Hamilton. They all have given me a great sense of direction focus and happiness and an unstoppable joy. Without even saying great abundance and maturity, Spiritually and Mentally in my whole being and psychic existence. I just want to say keep up the good work and may the force of humanity be with you, up to you, and close to  you.

-C of U

Nathon S.

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