First of all thank you for inviting me to be apart of the most phenomenal…

Hello Mark Hamilton, my name is Alexander Johnson, I live in Spokane Washington.
I am one of your apprentices.  First of all thank you for inviting me to be apart of the most phenomenal, and rewarding experience of my new life. Yes, my new life as it took a very heart wrenching turn almost three years ago as I lost the woman I love to a horrible disease called Lupus. Since then I needed a place to heal and figure out where my life was going. That’s one of the reasons why I left Southern California, and moved to Washington. I bought a great home on the edge of the forest, in the country, yet only 10 minutes from downtown Spokane. Currently I am a Pharmacy Technician, working for a large chain store.
You have moved me in a direction I never thought possible, to be a member on the ground floor of what is to come is the most exciting, and rewarding experience given to me, thank you. Your dedication, and hard work to bring all of this to me, and the other apprentices will pay off in so many ways that we are just beginning to unfold the C of U.
You are so correct about how we play as adults. We move to a different level of play. Our creativity is what keeps us alive inside.
I must confess that I have been a little slow in moving forward, in fact I felt somewhat lost for a while. Working Nights is unfortunate for me, cause it doesn’t allow me to attend the meetings LIVE, and I feel as if I’m missing so much not being there in the moment.  I recall when I was able to attend the first A-Team Meeting, Wow, what a motivational and rewarding experience that was. The very next day I set up the web site for the Rimrock A-Team. I am Still working on the video and will have it finished very soon. I apologize for the delay, as I am still very new to computers, I do need some help with questions regarding Proxy Servers. While viewing my meetings with you, my Mentor I get cut off towards the end of the meeting, and can never finish it completely. As a result it keeps me at the third level, where as I should be at the fifth level by now.
Mark, please allow me to continue with you, and grow into the person I am meant to be. My integrations have shown me a very positive yet very difficult road we have ahead. It’s not easy to accomplish the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel, but I see where we are going, and through hard work, and perseverance we will succeed.
Thank you for all your of time and positive energy.
Your apprentice,


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