Feeling bad physically and emotionally is very painful

Feeling bad physically and emotionally is very painful.  You wish you were dead.  Diabetes, acid reflux, high blood pressure.  It hurts to breathe because of the acid reflux, making walking, rebounding and taebo – your favorite exercises so difficult to do that eventually you have to stop doing them (rebounding & taebo) because of the burning sensation in your throat and esophagus.  You are tired and fatigued from the diabetes.  You are discontented and stressed emotionally from your boring stagnant-rut routine job.  Then…one day…HOPE arrives.
This is my story of what Mark Hamilton and his Neothink literature/writings have meant to me.  Mark Hamilton and his Neothink literature saved me from death mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and socially:

Saved from mental death

Before I read Mark’s first volume of literature, I would blame others for the promotion I did not get, for the jobs I did not get hired for…for the failed business ventures.  Whenever I didn’t get something I was expecting it was because something or someone kept me from getting it.  I was using cause and effect thinking or mysticism.  After reading the first volume of his literature, I began to change my thinking and now I take 100% responsibility for everything that occurs in my life.

Saved from physical death

 In one of his writings, Mark Hamilton explains how to have amazing health and vitality.  I am applying what I have read in his writings and my health has improved tremendously.  I no longer have diabetes – my blood sugar is normal.  My acid reflux has diminished to the point where I don’t have the burning sensation in my throat and esophagus and I no longer hurt when I breathe.  Also my blood pressure is normal.

Saved from emotional and financial death

 I found myself having to get a job to survive after a number of business ventures produced little or no income.  I have a master’s degree, but did not get hired for any of the jobs that my degree pertained to.  I had to rely on my clerical skills and so I accepted a job as a secretary with an employer and thus began my stagnation trap – living from paycheck to paycheck and performing a routine of tasks that my supervisors set out for me.  I performed my job well, but I was not happy.  I was looking, searching, wishing for a change to my routine-rut job into one of an exciting entrepreneurial job.  Then one day I received volume two of Mark Hamilton’s literature which explained how one can become the person he or she was meant to be by discovering one’s Friday Night Essence (FNE).  When I read and applied what I learned, I discovered that investing is my FNE.  I was so thrilled!  Wealth and happiness are now attainable because I have found the investing opportunity that will make me a millionaire and then I can leave my job.


Saved from social death

 Growing up, I oftened wondered, why was I here?  Why was I born?  What was my reason for living?  I discovered the answer while reading volume three of Mark’s literary works.  Happiness is my reason for living.  Achieving my dreams is the way to happiness.  Adding value to society is one of my dreams.  I plan to use my new monetary wealth from investing to assist my community in ending homelessness among veterans.  I am also interested in curing aging and disease; I am an owner of a stem cell company.  My interest in this field of medicine is due to the death of a number of members in my family this century.
I am a new person today thanks to Mark Hamilton and his literature which “literally” saved my life.

Melanie P.

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