Ever since I first received your brochure I was …

Ever since I first received your brochure I was skeptical of your ideas.  It was only scratching the surface upon reading your small book did your Neothink got me convinced to read your next 3 Neothink books.  Then came my first BIG BLACK BOOK I purchased and I was spooked by this shear size of this book and its weight.  My initial reaction upon receiving this book was did I lost my mind or what have I got myself into?   I took a deep breathe and open it and scanning all its context.  I have said to myself in doubt if I was ever gonna read it all for it appeared it was gonna take me 6 months to finished reading from cover to cover.  As I read through it all I realized I have gained so much from Neothink with an honest & open-minded absorption of its context.  This had got me to purchased the next two Big Black Books for I really appreciated your views regarding the world around us that had open my eyes wide awake what’s really happening in this lifetime that I have been sooo blinded by those false & dishonesty that politics has done ALOT of damages to us honest working people like me.  We need more books like these to be passed out to our average Jane & John Doe whom we need to wake them up before those crackpot right-wing Teapots do us more harm!

Thank you so much Mr. Mark Hamilton for choosing me & among others as you share your Neothink secret .


Tim L.

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