Today is a great day. It has been a great day so far for me since the very beginning. I have been thinking all day long to write these lines. Neothink, TVP, and Mr. Mark Hamilton´s manuscripts have changed my life and are on their course to change me more, gradually, systematically and totally. I welcome positive change.

I am very grateful to this great visionary, a man of his time, Mr. Mark Hamilton. He has dedicated all his life to the mission of bringing a new civilization on Planet Earth, that is, the Civilization of the Universe as he calls it.

We live in an anticivilization that draws all of us down, us who don´t belong to the ruling class. We all who belong to the non ruling class are victims of the ruling class, as Mr. Mark Hamilton says. And when we support the irrational illusions of the ruling class, (many times unknowingly) we are supporting that which will harm us and our families.

An anticivilization is possible because of the rule of man agenda that force the non ruling class to obey the ruling class agenda. That is why Mr. Hamilton says that without the Prime Law of NO initiatory force, the rule of man would return and return and return like a disease.

The effect of these great man´s ideas on my life is permeating my everyday life. I have to express my sincere gratitude for believing in me and in my potential, thus helping me to unleash it by sharing with me his writings and philosophical ideas, and principles gathered in Neothink and TVP.

You know, many years ago various people, including several family members, regarded me as an inferior person and treated me badly. Today, Mr. Mark Hamilton has put my consciousness on the level of a value producer who can eventually become a great value creator that might bring everlasting values to mankind. Mr. Mark Hamilton has valuable and true positive intentions in making all people better persons. He will make everybody rich, including the poor.

We human beings are living a very important time of change. Everything is changing and everything will change through Neothink and TVP dynamics.

Mr. Mark Hamilton mentions that Neothink is a new way of using our minds by integrated thinking, which is explained by gathering facts, pictures, etc., like pieces of a puzzle. Mr. Hamilton´s literature gives people also that child of the past key they need. That child of the past is always looking for that bigger than life existence filled with exhilaration.

Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party will depoliticize America first, and then, the rest of the planet. Politics and mysticisms have done more damage to the freedoms of people than any other scourge or plague of any other kind everywhere on the planet and everywhere on the history of mankind. This depoliticization of the world would enable the Civilization of the Universe to start building up forever. Politicos, that is, career politicians, will be replaced by market driven entrepreneurs. Morality and honesty will thrive on society. Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party will make this happen. Terrorism, disease and crime will disappear, and the most important of all, the rule of man, that monster in disguise, as Mr. Hamilton calls it, will be eradicated by the Prime Law, the Fundamental of Protection and by the Protection Only Budget. Mr. Hamilton says that the rule of man causes poverty and tyranny and that it can only exist through initiatory force. Mr. Hamilton says that the principle is to eradicate the rule of man and that the consequence is that everybody gets rich, including the poor.

Mr. Hamilton says that everybody in the non ruling class is a victim. He also mentions that the TVP is the real unifier that protects the smallest minority: the minority of one. About Neothink, he also says that it is a movement to improve our world and ourselves. That Neothink conditions the mind to think and conditions people to become self-leaders. Neothink connects your job for big prosperity.

Mr. Mark Hamilton has mentioned that the TVP is the greatest get rich program in the history of civilization. A great prosperity will reign on earth once the present ruling class has been replaced. Next, soon everyone will live like a millionaire. That will be possible when conditions are now set for the rapid advancement of all industries by the geniuses of society. Industries will soar and costs will plunge. The standard of living will start to rise and prosperity will rise.

Mr. Hamilton has mentioned that the meaning of life is to fulfill our life through value creation. He has also remarked us that reason is dead. Reason, the guided light of humanity, has died. Reason died in our educational systems. And that without reason we are heading to poverty and danger. Integrated thinkers and self leaders will lead in the Twelve Visions World because they will become reason´s greatest users.

In that Twelve Visions World we all will live longer lives with a fraction of the cost.

Mr. Hamilton, Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party offer rational reality instead of irrational illusions. And by reawakening reason in the people, the TVP is gradually reawakening reason.

If Mr. Mark Hamilton´s movements, both TVP and Neothink, are destroyed we all will be missing the opportunity of that great Twelve Visions World that Mr. Hamilton has envisioned for all of us. Mr. Mark Hamilton is a great visionary whose ideas´ time has come.

I cannot stop wondering what we all will lose if Mr. Mark Hamilton´s movements, the TVP and Neothink, are stopped and killed. We will all lose big because we will continue to be enslaved and reduced by a ruling class that lives by ruling over all of us. A non politicized purely free twelve visions world is what is awaiting all of us in the shores of the future. That is what visionaries do for all of us: see the future for us ahead before any other can do. They see 100 or more years before it becomes reality and create all the conditions for their happening and their success. And Mr. Hamilton is the one who has seen what the future is about. As he expresses it, it is bigger than that the Founding Fathers of the USA once envisioned more than 230 years ago. Mr. Hamilton mentions that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the USA grown from non ruling class natural law and nearly eradicated ruling class man made law.

Mr. Hamilton´s manuscripts have enlightened me. Morality and honesty are mentioned in his writings as essential elements of the new society. Conscious, moral and honest individuals, market driven entrepreneurs, will lead and thrive in his Twelve Visions World. A TVP Protection Only Budget and the Prime Law will suffice. The big government debt will disappear and regulations that hinder businesses, technological advances, and scientific progress will be eradicated. The rule of man will end and the rule of law will reign on earth, thus launching the wealth of mankind.

Mr. Hamilton is the best person on earth to use his consciousness in the very best way. That is why he is the most capable man to bring us to the New Civilization of the Universe. He is a true and great leader. He inspires all of us to action. Nobody can eliminate, destroy or kill Mr. Hamilton´s movements. He says that the fall of all civilizations comes from the rule of man and this is a very big and important remark, because Mr. Mark Hamilton has ensured and created the base for a new civilization to thrive for eternity, that is, the Civilization of the Universe. With the rule of law in place, with a different superstructure, the future is a unique one. Everybody will want to live longer and probably forever, because everybody will be happy value creators who want more and more of live, each and every day. Isn´t that great? I cannot wait for that world to come and that´s why I am doing me very humble best or my part to contribute to these very great and important ideas.

To my modest point of view, the importance of Neothink and TVP is that they are building the bases for the unavoidable great future. They are creating our future. As Mr. Hamilton says, the TVP and the Prime Law are ideas whose time has come. That´s what a true leader does, create the future. And that great leader, who has created that great future for us, is Mr. Mark Hamilton.

Great soaring prosperity, stopping and reversing aging, curing death, a bigger than life existence, jobs of the mind, the rebirth of the child of the past, exhilarating feelings, incredible technological advances, an Only Protection Government, all diseases cured, crime and terrorism eradicated from Planet Earth, conscious driven men and women entrepreneurs creating universes as God Men and God Women, rule of law with the Prime Law… that is how the future looks like through Mr. Mark Hamilton´s TVP and Neothink movements.

We cannot miss the future Twelve Visions World. Thank you very much, Mr. Mark Hamilton and all of you great Masters of those Societies, for letting me become knowledgeable about its existence. And thank you again for seeing me as a valuable man with potential, not as a menace to your status quo, because I am not an independent thinker looking for trouble. Again, I happen to be born in your world. I just ask you again for your permission to let me live in it. That is why I don´t like and want to write, because people can just think that I am mentally not at my best.

Finally, I thank Neothink for letting me know about the existence of the Global Information Network. I must become more teachable every day.

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