Do know there is love in the air with Neothink Society

We have the third largest Blizzard since 1967 the year I was born. In Illinois they have many streets not plowed and many things shut down. I-80 is shut down for a 60 to 70 mile length. There is a lot of snow to be plowed and hopefully everyone remained safe. We have an American Red Cross etron Microlink FR160, which needs only to crank a handle, no batteries needed nor electricity. It is state of the art renewable, and even has a solar panel if you don’t want to crank the handle, yet the handle is for the days there isn’t sunlight. Also is can charge a cell phone or other adaptable devices that need to be charged from a USB connection cord like a cell phone. Homes and Businesses can use the same tech’s in building homes and other buildings. I wish everyone the best. Do know there is love in the air with Neothink Society and from both of us to all of you. This is the time of creativity, when the elements of Earth over power man, and causes man to think of his own welfare a little. The City of Joliet is doing the best they can , the best to be expected so is of all others in the surrounding communities. we are doing what we were made for primarily in such conditions, “survival”. The human nature is known to survive, that is what we do, and we create and design to make things better for us all is such conditions. especially with the ones you love, and with all of the very creative persons all around me and everyone else.
Patrick & Terri R.

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