Dedication: Mark Hamilton’s NT Warriors

Since I first joined this group of earnest and inspired writers, all of whom are intent upon placing a wall of protection around a shared dream that we all have, that of actually living a wealthy, healthy, and peaceful life here on this planet, I have felt the Love and Service-oriented kinship of all of us literally knit together this protection, which makes all of us feel the in-coming C of U as beginning to manifest not only in our hearts but in materiality here on Earth.

I cannot tell you just how this participation makes me feel, since it is a feeling new to me=that of being able to share my dream with others who are working for the same dream as I…I know we all have been working together for several years, but I find this is the first time this great a number of us have walked side by side within the same experience.  I find this to be a first-time discovery with a group of individuals, coming together in Unity and Love as we are. I imagine that most of us have had to travel certain roads relatively alone, and I would find that all of us might be able to feel similarly to what I’m feeling now, if I were to ask. Perhaps even Mark Hamilton might be feeling something of this caring support of others, and the power of what a few mortals can accomplish courageously in our “hour of great dreams” being realized for the first time here.

May this dream survive the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” into a living life form that can become a thriving civilization of the Universe, inspiring all to join with us to continue to make this dream come true! Each of us is no longer alone in our working for a better world for ourselves and for Humanity, for all our progeny to come…

Love with All, Lila B.

One of Many, One of Few
Pioneers of The Neothink Society
And Twelve Visions Party

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