Dear Mr. Hamilton

When  you, your multigenerational literature, and Neothink came into my life, I was lying in bed, fighting for my life. I had been living on Disability for almost 20 years.  I know full well that without these benefits that I had worked hard for and earned over the previous years of dogged determination to stay employed, to stay OFF public Welfare, I now would be left in the streets to die.

The “System” is a double-edged sword: 1) you have to be sick enough, “Disabled” enough to qualify for the benefits, yet; 2) every year your benefits are reduced so that you are forced to do more with less; and inflation eats up your few financial resources.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot: If you happen to receive a financial windfall, you are either “disqualified” from the “System” until you use it all up in living expenses, then you may re-apply and beg them to take you back; or they just reduce your benefits to compensate themselves for the amount of extra money you have received.

No newer car that can be depended upon to start.  No upgrade in living conditions.  If you own your domicile, no new roof, or electrical work that might save your life.  No breathing space.

And every politician, hoping to be elected, promises faithfully, to “take on Entitlements.”  As if “Entitlements” is a dirty word.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this  means YOU.  Your Retirement benefits, Your Social Security benefits, Your Disability benefits, Your Military Retirement, and Military Disability benefits, for wounds received while serving your Country!!!

I had been blessed, indeed.  I had a kind Caregiver.  Medicare and Medicaid had given me some solid Benefits that made mobility a bit easier.  But I had no hope of any other future.

So there I was.  And I began reading your books, one at a time, as they were sent to me.  I began to change.  I began to regain the mental and emotional strength I once had had.  I began to regain my self-esteem.  I began to regain my confidence in my own judgment.  I started a business.  An online business, so I could control the amount of energy I put into it, because I still do have health problems.  But my business is progressing to the point where I now have Hope.  

Hope of a life and a future without Welfare.  Hope of a future where I can pay my own doctor, my own medical bills, my own medications.  A future where I have more say in what happens to me, without fear of someone withdrawing their support while I still “need” that support.

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