Dear Mentor Mark Hamilton

Dear Mentor Mark Hamilton, I decided to take time out from my busy schedule to let you and the world know . How I feel about the work and the sacrifice you have made to give knowledge, wisdom and understanding to so many that have been mentally beaten down cast aside and left it on the curb of ignorance, in a world where those of superior knowledge have taken unjust advantage of those less fortunate.  We have been the doormat of the elite Not just here in America but throughout the civilize world community. Thanks to you ,this sleeping giant is no longer asleep and he has awaken with a new advance mind set ,we call NeoThink and its conduit the TVP .These two pillars,  will bring peace ,health, love, prosperity and happiness to the world ,It will turn poison into medicine and rocks into gold. Once we realize what Mark Hamilton represent we will seek to follow in the footsteps of our Mentor and become the giants he knows we can and will become, I’m just happy to be part of a movement that will reshape the world .I am a witness to this modern day miracle and will do all that I can to be like Mark Hamilton and unite with those that understand the special bond between Mentor and student, for we are one in the struggle to free and heal the human mind and body
Peace and Love Arthur (Amhotep) B.

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