Dear Mark Hamilton u are a soldier from the c of u

Dear Mark Hamilton, i just want you to know that im gonna do everything i can to help the society  it’s my society! but for now i have i battle with my own mind since i receive my first letter from the society , my mind keep zomming no stop ,Zon (God Man) came to my place and let me see Him!!  Big Dark Shadow with broad sholders it was amazing!!  i was real so real !!!  and im pretty sure he’s the one behind all this wonderful project that you orchestrate!!! but for now im alone  i need to get all the disonesty that block my ears,  it hurts so bad!!!  my left ear hurts the most when im force it. do i need to bleeding from my left ear??  that’s painful too much!! i hope my mind keep zooming forever!!  im keep looking the website all the time but for now my mind just need to get rid of the disonesty i need to be all by myself . At my job everyone notice my changes and they think im sick but i dont care!! they laugh.

Dear Mark Hamilton u are a soldier from the civilization of the universe, i want to be home with u very soon!! where the innocent can live without being abuse!!

tks!!  for everything!!
Douglas de Q

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