Dear Mark Hamilton , I endorse your mind opening literature

Dear Mark Hamilton , I endorse your mind opening literature . Here is my personal opinion and evidence of what it can do to any open minded person . I read the first NTPIS on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean  sea on my way to Rome ,Italy . I t may seem  strange to read that large book on vacation ,but once I started I could not put it down .After touring Italy , France ,and other places , I was asking myself ” Where are the genius of civilization who created  the amazing works of art and civilizations that we look at in ruins ?”.
In the Vatican Museum I found art of breath taking beauty , evidence of past Neothink .What had stopped man kinds forward progress ? The books opened my eyes . The ruling elite over thousands of years have slammed on the breaks for far to long . Having read the books , listened to your mentor ship ,and  believing what you write by reading source literature to validate my own amazement ,I went to work building my new Neothink life . To date I have 5 years of self employment in my own construction business where I integrate my ideas and have grown even though it is a ” slow economy “. I wish I was a better writer as I live 15 miles from Jack Londons Wolf House ruins . He was a Neothinker . With everyone being able to partake of this self empowerment movement , more and more of us can  get excited , build our dreams . Neothink is people becoming better by living in a illusion free life . The job I used to think was my worst dream ,is now my passion and I have been told by someone I admire ,”Nobody thinks like you .” That is good to know . In the past I looked to other people, blamed circumstances for my problem…ect .
Becoming  involved in this Mark Hamilton movement can bring on attacks from outside looking in people . What great event, cause, revolution and human undertaking was not meet with scorn ,attempts to over throw, and fear by the people who it was going to interrupt . I believe business , science and art are the common interest of all people . Through value creation ,business , based on sound science ,reason , we can build a beautiful world ,art .
What Neothink ,Mark Hamilton and all the self leaders want is more life ,to follow our dreams . What is wrong with that ?

Rod B.,  California

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