Dear Mark Hamilton

Dear Mark,
I want to take this time to write you, in response to the testimonial letter request.  I have listened to the Apprentice lessons and read portions of the Neothink writings.  I appreciate the effort it has taken you to put all of it into print.  You are definitely passionate about people and want to help in the effort for a better country.
I have not yet come to the place of endorsing any political movements. I am very dissatisfied in our current system of government.  I do not like the direction in which our country is being directed in.  It is sad to see a great nation be disassembled by greedy and self serving individuals.  History will reveal the Truth behind the endeavors of such people.  I reluctantly have given in to the idea that there is such efforts to bring America into the poor house, and make it a second rate nation.  My main hurdle in endorsing the TVP is that I have a difference in opinion on the views of several areas.  I have been a Union worker and craftsman for close to 30 years. I have watched the decline of the workforce and for the quality of “health and welfare”. Yet any old school journeymen takes great pride with what he creates with his or her hands. I have not liked the idea that TVP wants to take away something that I have believed in, and place great pride from all the people before me who have worked to make working class America.
My greatest difference is in the view of Jesus Christ and the claims he made. I see Jesus more than just a historical figure and place in time 2000 years ago. I believe in the teachings about the deity of Christ. He claimed to be the Creator, Savior, Alpha and Omega. I believe in who he claimed, being “one with the Father”.
It is my sincerest hope is that you find the peace in life that passes all understanding.
P.S.   I am intrigued by your writings and will read more.

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