Consider the presence of Mark Hamilton in your life

I consider the presence of Mark Hamilton´s thinking in my life to be very positive and influential.  He has enlightened my views on such things as becoming a value creator, my Friday night essence (a writer and an entrepreneur), organizing my professional and business life according to mini days and forward thinking.  His Neothink Inside Secrets regarding biological immortality and the Settlement of the Civilization of the Universe opened my life to a new direction.  It will become more exhilarating.  I think we are now ready to get rid of immoral politicians, rulers and professional value destroyers, and start achieving a new way of living on Earth, through the Coming of the Civilization of the Universe where we become Zons, creators of universes, and where jobs of the mind, romantic love and incredible achievements in businesses, medicine, science and arts, would drive the humanity to levels never ever dreamed of before.  Neothink is the great philosophy of a true visionary and warrior, Mark Hamilton, who has fiercely fought the irrational forces of mysticism for more than 30 years now.  It will bring a Twelve Visions World, where the use of the Prime Law as the Fundamental of Protection will end all wars on Earth and establish the commencement of a forever lasting new peaceful era on this planet.

As defined by Mark Hamilton, the purpose of human life is to prosper and to live happily, thus the new one world government will have the function to provide the conditions that let us, individuals, fulfill that purpose. The Prime Law will forbid the use of initiatory force, fraud or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property or contract. And I, unfortunately, do know what it feels to be a victim of initiatory force and fraud by the oppressing dark forces of evil, called it organized religion, white collar criminals, whatever.

Today´s governments and religions will be out competed by Neothink dynamics, including God.  Neothink is our way out from the present´s world economic turmoil through its proposals of hard money and sound economic policies.  The Great Replacement Program (Neothink entrepreneurs taking temporary absence to manage public affairs) and the Protection Only Budget, are some of Mark Hamilton´s plans that guaranteed it.

Neothink will make everybody rich including the poor by reducing the costs of every production process thus decreasing prices and allowing people much more discretionary income. Neothink will eliminate obscure and limiting government regulations that hinder progress and the geniuses of society to thrive and achieve great amounts of technical breakthroughs that will fast forward us to the Civilization of the Universe.  Neothink, by the way, is curing the fatal disease of mysticism worldwide. The clash between fundamentalist Islamic terrorists and the Western World proves that mysticism is in fact the most dangerous and threatening factor against our once untouchable freedoms.

Neothink settles the whole range of philosophical and economical foundations of how we will live our lives for the next three or four thousand years. We all will use our minds differently. Objective value creation will be everywhere.

Cheers (thumbs up), from me to you, Mark Hamilton, for having lifted my spirit with your writings, and for unleashing my full potential as a producer of values. Thanks for helping me grow internally! You have brought great doses of hope and happiness to my existence with the priceless teachings contained in your three Heirlooms! Time will test proof this!


Puebla, México,

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