COMMON SENSE is the disease that affects mankind

Yes indeed Mark Hamilton, COMMON SENSE is the disease that affects mankind, The politicians and the clergymen(neocheaters) the tool to manipulate us due to our bicameral mentality. The only truth those neocheaters can offer is: WISHING YOU GOOD MORNING: Because they have no choice to wish GOOD AFTERNOON. Their survival base upon lies and usurps of values they do not deserve, but lack of COMMON SENSE we always submit to their bogus livelihood. Today THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY and THE NEOTHINK SOCIETY is in motion, but lack of the same COMMON SENSE bicameral type of mentality, mankind can not grab the concepts of its full meaning, the idea system whose time has come, the idea system that can prepare us into the civilization of universe. And live the life we were meant to live.

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