Change is always hard for people…

Change is always hard for people until they have to face it head on through either an Illness, Death of a loved one, Divorce or Job loss. I feel the people in America and other parts of the world are ready for some big changes though. Our government has lied to us about many things. There will be many changes in politics and religion to come to the surface soon. I know this and have felt it for some time now. Our universe is very large and other life forms are out there. How can we go out there when we can’t even take care of Mother Earth. we are a very warring planet and I cannot see sending out our astronauts until we can claim our vision of a peaceful and loving planet. Period! Many things need to change before we can make progress but the old ways of thinking are slowly dying out. With this new found Neothink I feel the world will be tuning in in a few more years. After they all find out how they have been lied to by their very own governments about religion and politics science and medicine.
Karen M.

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