Change comes from…

Dear Mark, my husband and I are new members.  We received the introductory letter and tossed it aside. Another came which seemed odd, yet, we had a different feeling about this one.  We answered by ordering the book and were amazed at its contents.   The greatest thrill was getting and reading about Annabelle and realizing her teaching philosophy was what we had been practicing with our large growing family years ago.  More reading and we knew where we fit in offering real value to the world.  The Annabelle book laid the whole picture out so clearly.  We know we are on the right track.


There is so much each individual can offer once they understand the undisputable principles and see the power in themselves for tremendous creative good.  WE all deep inside want the same things, health and happiness in forms where we feeling as if we had to be born for the purpose of offering our own special gift -conscious creating -back to the universe.  You have described a world where each member would wake up in joy and pursue the purpose of living, conscious creating of value, and live dis- ease free to see the wondrous tangible fruits of the mind.


It is possible!

So what happened?

We mistakenly allowed sectors of ourselves to take over to “parent’ us, make decisions for us, solve problems for us and they became too strong in areas that back-fired and crushed the rights to conscious creating for positive value-making.   What is needed is their strength used for domestic and foreign defense purposes -only.  We, two unique individuals, sitting at this computer, have much to offer in private creative business pursuit of novel positive education methods, better communication skills and safer money-making essences that can only be ushered in with the NEOTHINK awareness of tremendous value of the individual.    Imagine, Mark, how many who are reading this have their own special gift to offer and you have shown a new peaceful way, a new reason to reach the belief systems of thousands.  As for this house we want to know the truth as is born witness from inside the human.   This is real and virtuous.


We could not believe it, when we heard this being called or compared to a “cult!”  If a “cult” can be seen as a group Cultivating Unique Learning and Truths- then we are ALL in cults ALL the time- even in our small families.

Time is “precious” as Mark’s writings portray.

Change comes from noticing a (given) good example then you chose it.    I change me quicker with MORE EDUCATION which is what NEOTHINK is…. and YOU?

Time to GROW UP and SHINE.


Kate/Jim P.

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