Bring happy and motivation to change for better live

Self Love, well growing up in the Cook Islands we are taught to love your parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, grand parents, and elders, Other family members or relations, friends, work mate, or class mates, respect to teachers, priest, it a community thing that we get to learn as kids but as you become more older and mature you do agree what your parents had done to show you the path of love at a younger age. Now I live in Australia and married to a Filipino wife with two girls one 21 years and second one 14 years old, It amazing the kids of this time have no respect for society as Mark said because we let people control law which had make life for family disatorly and un workable. For the 27 years I have been in Australia I know and see how Court had ruin people lives and at times had force fathers to kill their own kids because of unfair laws that only favorable to one person. Just last year a 24 year old male person kill his own 3 year old daughter because of marriage problem, it sad it break your heart when you see it on T.V. you feel for any child and can imagine her cry for help. I do blame court and system they got in place that push people to the edge. As a train prosecutor you can see how bad our legal system is, but it upset you when our politician come on T.V. and make promises to change or make law workable but instead make things worse and it cause more damage and pain to all mankind. I see similar fate in the U.S. just this morning I watch on T.V. the shooting of one hard working congress women who was very hard working person trying her best to talk to the people and hear what they want change or make things better for her state instead she was shot in the head. I feel sorry for her family for what they are going through. To me the problem is our laws when they are open to abuse the outcome is always bad and people get hurt or kill. Love is the Biggest weapon mankind ever had, as it change people behavior, with LOVE it break down Bad things and can reach out to all level of our Society it bring happy and motivation to change for better live.
Ignatius A.

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