Before Neothink my life…

Hello Mark Hamilton:

Let me start by thanking you for inviting me to be a part of such a mind blowing event and journey into the parallel world of the Neothink Society.

Before Neothink my life was full of unanswered questions and confusion in life.  I come from a world of great poverty and sadness.  In the world i was in, we call it the ghetto life.  My life has always been a battle for sanity and peace of mind.  I was always searching in life for something more from the streets to the church seen.  Nothing seemed to fill the void in life for the happiness i needed.  People would see me as this special person and i never knew why. Maybe it was because i was a loner. I always believed that God was looking out for me and that pain and failure was normal to become happy.  Some how I knew deep inside that something was wrong.  What was it?  Church would leave me empty and lost with even more confusion.  I hated sacrificing myself and my dignity just to suffer in the anti-civilization.

After trying everything in life, i had no choice but to surrender to failure and great depression.  I was on the borderline of insanity.  I wouldn’t even open up mail because i could not concentrate on any more bills or bad news for a month.  Then one day i was thinking hard and wanted to get organized at least with my mail that was piling up.  As i was looking through this great pile of unopened letters i ran across this letter that did not seem to be a bill so i opened it up and started to read.  It felt like God sent it to me at the time.  I wanted everything it offered even though it seemed so way beyond and out of reach in this world.  I was desparate and extremely curious but i had nothing left inside but the will to learn more.  When i finished the letter i felt special and moved in a way that i will never forget.  Could this be real?  Did someone really care to reach out or was someone just trying to stick it to me through mail for money?  This feeling i had inside would not let this chance go by.  But when i got to end of letter though a great sadness came over me.  The letter was time sensitive.  The date was almost a month past due.  I felt this pain of even more great sadness to the point that i cried.  I felt like the world had cheated me one more time and the boat for this new life left without me.  The depression was killing me even more.  The chance to live the life i was supposed to live slipped through my fingers because i didn’t even have the strengh to open up mail due to stagnation and depression.  I decided to take the chance and send it in anyway.  What more could i lose since everything was lost already.  Maybe i would get lucky.

I waited endlessly for a response back and praying and still feeling the regret of and emptiness and sadness, eagerly searching the mail everyday.  Then it arrived!  Just holding it in my grasp sent this synergy through my body that was electrifying and i didn’t even open it yet.  I ripped that letter open like a kid would rip open a gift on christmas day ready to play.

Once i received my first book, the size of it alone blew my mind.  I was never one to read big books but when i started i could not stop.  I could not put it down.  Every page filled my mind like food for the hungry, nourishing my thoughts and body. I couldn’t believe the genius.  I finally gained that something more in life.  The greatest puzzle piece missing in my life was finally solved.

Using the techniques of Neothink gave me the power to see the world with clarity and understanding.  I outflank those in the anti civilization all around me.  I can see and create the future.  It’s like i have these super human powers that only keep growing and expanding like the universe.  People from all walks tell me i am one of the smartest people they know.  Women are hungry for my attention they seem to find me so much more stimulating just by the way i think.  Others come to me for advice on a regular wanting me to mentor them.  I see through illusions like a magician exposing tricks and mind games. Now i call the shots in life and answer to no one but the god within myself, the god within my mind.  I can’t thank you enough!  At my job i used Neothink techniques to intergrate.  I dominate five different classes of work with ease and smoothness.  I received two raises and job offers throughout the company just as Neothink stated i would.

The last two books kept the journey going as the fire kept growing to an inferno unable to be put out by anyone or anything.  I realize how real life is now and i am nowhere near the end of this journey but the beginnig of success, happiness, wealth, and love!  I never felt like this before.  It’s so stimulating.  I now want to live forever and take others with me.  Thank you again Mark!  I am that secret agent!

True to life,

Omar K.

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