Before Neothink I was into…

Before Neothink I was into religion. I grew up in a family that had different viewpoints about it. My mother Veronique, is an ordained “Apostolic Mother-in- Israel “, the Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim Church denomination. She grew up following her mother, Martha’s footsteps into religion.

On the other hand, my father Antoine, has nothing to do with it and don’t want any of his children to get involved. When in 1979 my mother bought me my first French version ( Louis the Second ) Bible, Antoine confiscated it and said to Veronique: “Don’t let my son read it. It damages people’s Mind.”
To all of us he said: ” Have you ever seen God? It doesn’t exist. Your father and mother are your Gods. They have the ability to create what type of life you’ll live.”

Since Veronique and I related a lot, I stick with her into religion. I always thought of Antoine’s viewpoint and the “God concept “, and was searching till I found the Truth: NEOTHINK.

Before Neothink I lived into darkness. Today, walking with thousands of years old of Neothink heavily guarded Secrets and Visions, I am able to see throughout daily illusions to what is, see the future, start my own company world wide, diet down to the body I want, focus downstream and make money, apply top marketing secrets that every marketers want, build super puzzles, and much more. I am illuminated. I fear nothing. With Neothink, every day is bringing me closer to success. I am grateful for everything it has done for me.

Today, Human race is at the ” NUCLEAR-DECISION-THREATSHOLD ” phase.
Authorities are working tirelessly, taking pre-emptive actions ( interdicting Nuclear Weapons Proliferation, fighting Micro and Macro terrorisms, sanctioning ), to avoid Human race: the greatest value of the Universe extinction on our Planet.

We are seeing that such actions are not working. They are only delaying the extinction for a short term.

NEOTHINK is the solution to all of our problems. Its program to saving our lives is phenomenal. Billions of people are quietly waiting across our planet to join. It is the only organization, with its twelve visions that will definitely save the World.

Thank you immensely Mr. Mark Hamilton, Mr. Eric Savage, and Dr. Frank Wallace, for bringing Neothink into my life and the World. Along with it, human race will discover the life it is meant to live, its destiny.



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