Because of Neothink

Because of Neothink:

I Know know,

The Lonely: need others…and to learn to Love themselves.

The Weak: need strong friends.., and learn their strengths.

The Hopeful: need action…and support.

The Helpless: need Hope…and care.

The Unskilled: need creativity…and tools.

The Simple: need answers and direction.

The Lost: need a reason to live…and a place to call Home.

The Hopeless: need Love… and a vision

The Broken Hearted: need romance… and Self Confidence.

The Bible readers: need truth… and tasks.

The Broke: need their needs met… and Careers of Character

The Visionaries: need skills…or projects.

The Wishers: need to read…and Heed.

The Thinkers: need facts…and something to ponder.

The Business Person: need protection… and admiration.

The Playful: need fun…and team players.

The Out of Shape: need exercise …and motivation.

The Power Players: need fame…and fortune

The Mentors: need students…and recognition.

The Talented: need to express…and be appreciated.

The Counselors: need questions… and respect.

The Cancer Seeds: Think they need Nothing.. and Nothing they will get.

The Angry: need to tell the truth…to all.

The Masters: need to Place the last Puzzle Piece.

And all these needs will be met.  Neothink and all of us, are working together to open the doors… and the Mind, to Freedom…and all you need to do is Open The Books and read.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, for *Saving My Life* and the Hearts of those who Love me.

With a Great Full Heart:

Sharon (Sher) S.

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