Because of Mark Hamilton, the future for mankind looks so hopeful and bright

Hi Mark,
As a missionary I lived and worked among the people in many countries around the world: the orient, Europe, Africa and all across the US. I was married to a Japanese member of our church and we had four children. I am an optimistic person by nature but I was so sorry my children had to grow up in this sad, dishonest world. In 1990 I received a flyer in the mail with a picture of Hitler inside and a picture of the White House. It said if I feel uncomfortable about reading it, knowing that the government does not want me to, just throw it away. But if I could learn how to be free and happy please respond. So I did. After an intro to the literature, I ordered my first book and I have felt deeply hopeful ever since. I changed my old habit of listening to a church I belonged to. It took about a week of crying myself to sleep every night. Then my life became more happy and I began to share what I was learning with my family. Mark Hamilton does an incredible job in all his literature describing such deep information in a way anyone can understand. I prefer to call his literature “the prime literature” and I am moved to my core to find answers I was searching for all my life. He does not write about theory. If he explains how to build your own business, he speaks from his own thorough experience. If he writes about how to lose weight as much as you want, he speaks from his own thorough experience. I have learned how to organize my thinking and my life from his outstanding example. And he did everything he talks about while loving and raising a happy, wonderful family with his wife. Mark Hamilton can be trusted and I’m so grateful to know him. The information in his writing is undeniable. A person really needs to acquaint themselves with his writing. They will be so glad they did – and relieved in this dark world to find realistic answers and hope. For me, reading the Superpuzzle Trilogy was like going out into total sunshine from a totally cloudy day. A breath of fresh air. I noticed my children getting happier as they read it. A person can see the potential of this world minus the dishonesty. The happiness is so real. The person who has ever loved, and that is just about everyone, knows what Hamilton is talking about in the Trilogy and understands the very simple, very real, very attainable goal of the Twelve Visions. He established the Twelve Visions Party based on his twelve visions which he received and which lays out a blue print for how to peacefully establish the world we were meant to experience. I am so grateful for the incredible courage and effort Mark Hamilton has made for the benefit of his fellow man. Because of Mark Hamilton, the future for mankind looks so hopeful and bright. Thank you Mark Hamilton!

Wendy K.

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