Attention please: At this time in history, we “human beings” are at a threshold…

Attention please:  At this time in history, we “human beings” are at a threshold in the survival of the human race on planet Earth. We must evolve into completely honest and productive people to solve are greatest problems and to erase our worst delusions.

No longer can we afford to be led and lied to by corrupt politicians and criminal leaders. No longer can we afford to be tricked into supporting tyranny and our own demise. No longer can be so selfish as to cheat our fellow human family and destroy free market. No more supporting lairs, cheaters, and crooks and our own delusions we know are wrong. No more !

We must follow our human nature to love, be honest, and produce or create for the betterment of all human kind. We must escape this immoral upside down world of death and destruction, where good is bad and bad is cool. We have to grow up and get real, fast before we go over the line where everyone becomes corrupt just to survive.

There is one such modern hero who has provided a road map for human kind and can lead us to a wonderful world and his name is “Mark Hamilton”. He is one of the most honest and truly caring men I have ever known of in my life time. He up holds the average working person and business people as the ultimate value producers to society. Also he identifies the true criminals and parasitical elite who feed off these great value producers.

For this he is being attacked by the criminals, politicians, academia, and media for exposing them for the parasites they really are. I’am here to defend him because I know for a fact what a great human being Mark Hamilton is. I give him credit for up lifting me and giving me direction in my life which saved me from stagnation and boredom leading to eventual self-destruction. So he played a role in saving my life with his values he shared with humanity. I give him all the credit for his value production of the roadmap to freedom for the average person.

The parasitical elite will have you believe he is a lair and conman for running an honest business which they would love to destroy. They would destroy him merely for exposing them for who the truly are and for showing people their secret information they have always tried to hide from the working people. They need to keep us ignorant victims for there criminal agendas to continue. They have stolen almost everything from the working class and we can not afford to be usurped anymore if we wish to survive as a society.

We must uphold individual rights which protect all people, instead of group rights which seperate and divide us like the establishment wants and needs to happen to keep us under control. We must uphold free market and lassie fair capitalism to enrich our lives and solve our problems.

Freedom must be all of humanities number one goal for our future and survival. Without it we are slaves to the few criminal elite. Our society and our world will not exist much longer under their reign.

Our planet can be like heaven if we follow our true nature and work for it, and great men like Mark Hamilton can lead us there with his roadmap, not the parasitical elite and corrupt politicians. They have had their chance and look at our planet because of them.

Wake up, stand up, and free our world. Please support men like Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions Party. We can be truly free and happy if we really want it as a society. Thank you.

Sincerely, Darrell

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