And the whole Neothink experience is just quite frankly perfect

Dear World,

I remember how much I wished people of the same mind as I could meet a discuss how to help make this a better place on earth. Then did I not realize there was Neothink.I looked at all the help groups and even joined a couple. I did community services such as cleaning up garbage, giving to the poor, and teaching youth development.
Then I got further into self development. In my search for Neothink. I realized the answer to my questions was me. I needed to get all the help I could find. Was all this information just in books? I began several years ago to surround myself with happy and successful people. I began to focus my energy towards finding my path in this great life. The journey is what has brought me pleasure. The destination, well there isn’t just one because the are many successes we gain and experience through life. This all leads to the greater good.
Through Neothink I found this group of people headed in the direction to spreading mass amounts of love, knowledge, and peace. I could not explain my excitement when they invited me to join them. Does not everyone want the same thing as I? This was my first question. The answer is no! People are out there doing the opposite of what the world was put here to do which is grow. We are taking steps in the opposite direction and people do them without realizing whats really going on. What will their actions ultimately bring themselves, friends, and loved ones?  There is a process of life we aren’t teaching well enough. My Neothink mentor teaches growth not destruction. My Neothink community shows me the path to happiness not to anger. And the whole Neothink experience is just quite frankly perfect.
Chad U.

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