An Honest Leader- Mark Hamilton

I have given much consideration as to why I spend many hours each day bringing forth the Twelve Visions Party. I believe in the Prime Law of Protection which is the Amendment to the U. S. Constitution that will be presented by the party that wants to depoliticize America. This is necessary to restore individual freedoms that are now being over-run by the ruling elite.

I thought about how Mark Hamilton, founder of The Neothink Society® has allowed so many members to step up as self-leaders. I have only seen him step in a few times to guide the members. A significant direction happened in Chicago nearly a year ago. While we flaw-filled men and women were campaigning for one or another, he could see how we were acting like the typical politicians, so he stepped in to place the first of us flaw-filled men. I see no harm in what he did. I have seen those he appointed stick to the plan: to depoliticize America so that everyone can be part of the Greatest Get Rich Program in the History of Mankind.

An honest dedicated leader lets others step up as self-leaders to assist in the forward movement of a plan. Mark Hamilton shared a great system with his members, which can be now be purchased by the masses in his book Wealth, Health, Peace by calling 888-859-6859. Mark thank you for now sharing information that I paid much more for with others for a fraction of the cost, and for donating all proceeds to the forward movement of the Twelve Visions Party.

No more polyticks for me, as, I will continue to be of service to The Twelve Visions Party® and Mark Hamilton as we de-politicize America to bring about a better Country for me and my family.

Sincere love and appreciation,

Jill R.

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